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Patients come to your urgent care center for very important, personal, and specific reasons—most often because they’re ill or injured and need your help. So, it’s only logical that they would need a compelling reason to leave before they’ve even been seen by one of your providers. According to the results of a survey by the Urgent Care Association, the top reason is one that could be controllable to a large degree; wait time was cited by 64% of survey participants as the reason patients leave urgent care without being seen, followed by insurance issues, services not being offered, cost of care, and referral to the emergency room. An article in the JUCM archive, Smoothing Ebb-and-Flow for Greater Staff Efficiency and Shorter Wait Times in Urgent Care, could provide guidance on reducing wait times and ensuring your patients have a productive visit in general.

Patients Have Reasons for Leaving UCC’s Without Being Seen—and Some Are Under Your Control