The federal government has begun distributing a billion at-home COVID-19 tests (that’s roughly eight per household). Some hospitals have already been handing them out to patients upon discharge, as well. While at first that may seem to negate, or at least lower, the need for testing in your urgent care center, the truth may ultimately be that patients will be reminded just how much they need your expertise. There have been reports that some hospital-distributed kits did not have instructions; if someone were able to root them out online, they’d find 23 pages of detailed steps that have to be followed precisely to assure accurate results. While some test manufacturers offer free video consultations, some of those most at-risk (senior citizens, for example) may have difficulty accessing that assistance. And it’s safe to assume that some people won’t trust their own ability to do this correctly, anyway. The bottom line is this: Make sure your patients understand that they’re still able to get a COVID-19 test in your facility, conducted by professionals who know how to collect, store, and process samples. Peace of mind is worth a lot after 2 years of COVID chaos.

Paradox of the Day: With Free Home COVID Tests on the Way, Patients Need You More Than Ever
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