Just to confirm, the COVID-19 pandemic has generally not been kind to the urgent care industry. Locations that could get their hands on testing supplies at the outset were inundated with patients clamoring to know if they had the virus. The many facilities that got shut out of test distribution chains suffered greatly, though—as did the industry as a whole.

Now, even as case loads continue to climb again in many states, the public’s panic has subsided and people are eager to start doing routine things again. Even typically less-than-pleasant things like going to an urgent care centers with a sore throat could be viewed by some as an excursion after months of social distancing.

The good news (really good news) from the Urgent Care Association’s 2021 Spring Benchmarking Report is that the public started returning to urgent care centers as quickly as they vanished. Based on data offered by Experity, the report shows that after a drop to historic lows in April 2020, by June patient visits per clinic per day were at their highest second-quarter level in several years.

              Check out the graph below for more details. (And for more information on the report, including details on purchasing a copy, visit https://www.ucaoa.org/Resources/Industry/Benchmarking.)

Developing Data Graph
Pandemic Fluctuations: A Historic Drop, Then a Meteoric Rise in Patients Visits Per Day

Monte Sandler

Executive Vice President, Revenue Cycle Management of Experity (formerly DocuTAP and Practice Velocity ).
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