The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has reversed an earlier guidance that suggested there was some discretion in enforcing reporting requirements when it comes to COVID-19 complaints outside of healthcare or emergency response workplaces. As of May 26, OSHA says it classifies COVID-19 as “a potentially recordable illness” and that “employers should be taking action to determine whether employee COVID-19 illnesses are work-related and thus recordable.” As more workplaces move closer to starting on-site work, depending on their state government plans, it is essential that occupational medicine clients understand their rights and responsibilities in regard to the new guidance. You can read the full text of the OSHA memorandum here. For a more urgent care-specific perspective on whether COVID-19 should be viewed as a workplace illness, read ‘Occupational Exposure’ to COVID-19 in the JUCM archive.

OSHA Puts the Onus on Your Occ Med Clients to Identify and Record Work-Related COVID-19 Cases
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