The intersection of wellness and the ability to work has never been more precarious than it is today. More and more businesses are opening up. People are heading back to work—some enthusiastically, some with trepidation about the risks. Urgent care operators who offer occupational medicine services could offer solutions and reassurance to all parties, provided they’re able to make the case with decision-makers. A new article in Personnel Today points out that the chaos and concern inspired by the pandemic mean “occupational health has never had a better opportunity to demonstrate its value to the workplace and employer.” Poll your existing customers to see what their needs are—remote testing, on-site testing, intake of workers who fail return-to-work screening, employee education on the need to embrace protective measures…. There’s a real need for your services. The reward will be contributing to the rebound of our economy and possibly unprecedented growth in your occ med business.

Occupational Medicine Clients Need You Now More Than Ever. Can You Step Up?
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