Urgent care operators who offer occupational medicine services will be more valuable than ever once states make the difficult decision to resume “normal” operations and allow businesses to do the same. What that looks like will undoubtedly vary from state to state, but it’s likely that worker testing, examinations,  and workplace hygiene practices will be a subject of great interest for both employers and workers. Occ med providers will be in a great position to bolster their value to clients at that time. An article published online by Forbes illustrates this by reminding its readers that what healthcare providers know about COVID-19 is constantly evolving and by posing the question, how long does it take to recover from covid-19 coronavirus and return to work? JUCM has published numerous articles about the potential value of occupational medicine to prospective clients (and, therefore, its potential value to you), and various aspects of creating a viable, profitable urgent care menu of services. They’re available, in our archive, here.

Occ Med Providers Will Be Truly ‘Essential Businesses’ When Companies Ramp Back Up
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