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The ongoing surge in misuse of, and addiction to, opioid pain medications increases the appeal of worker drug testing to many employers, as well as to the federal government. In fact, it’s a cornerstone of efforts to identify people who use opioids inappropriately so they can get help before a tragedy occurs. Since urine tests work and are relatively inexpensive, they’re often employed by urgent care providers who offer occupational medicine services. The problem is they’re also easy to cheat, the simplest method being for someone who knows they’re going to be tested to smuggle in a clean sample from another person. Staying ahead of cheaters requires vigilance on the part of the tester; witnessing sample collection is one way, though it may not be practical on a large-scale basis. As science progresses, however, it’s becoming more accessible to test DNA to ensure the sample you’re testing comes from the individual who handed it to you. Companies who offer such services are on the upswing; if you’re looking to expand your occupational medicine business, or simply want to ensure you’re offering the best and most reliable service possible, it may behoove you to do some homework and explore whether establishing a partnership with one makes sense.

Occ Med Providers Be Warned: Urine Drug Tests Are Easy to Cheat
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