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With advice on COVID-19 seemingly changing several times a day, it’s essential to not let the volume of information overwhelm your ability to take care of your patients. Recognizing that, JUCM convened a webinar to highlight the utility of chest x-rays, among other methods, to help distinguish patients who have COVID-19 from those who merely have similar symptoms. Speakers Ana Echenique, MD, DABR and Michael Weinstock, MD led a discussion on red flags for the virus and relevant testing, citing chest x-rays of actual patients with COVID-19. The webinar is now available here. Dr. Echenique is clinical director, quality management for Experity Teleradiology. Dr. Weinstock is associate program director of the Adena Emergency Medicine Residency program and professor of emergency medicine, adjunct, at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, as well as JUCM’s senior editor for clinical content.

Now Available: JUCM Webinar Flags Key Factors in Identifying COVID-19 in Urgent Care