Virginia just joined a short list of states that are enacting legislation to help protect workers from exposure to COVID-19. Of course this is essential for all urgent care operators to know as employers, but the need is doubly great for those who offer occupational medicine services. In Virginia, some of the new rules fall in line with existing executive orders (such as requiring workers to wear a mask when adequate social distancing is impossible). Others reflect the growing understanding of what is and what isn’t deemed relatively “safe” when interacting with others. They also cover how employers must respond when an employee tests positive for the virus, as well as procedures for return-to-work and testing workers as a whole. If you’re not on point with the latest developments, it’s unlikely your occ med customers will be, either. The time to illustrate your value is now. Work with your municipal, county, or state department of health to ensure your knowledge—and what you’re telling your clients—is current.

Not Up to Speed on New Workplace Protections? Then Neither Are Your Occ Med Clients!
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