What do you think it would cost to get 6 minutes of exposure on television, demonstrating your clinical expertise by talking about a wide range of high-interest health topics? It’s actually a moot question, because a) you probably couldn’t afford it and b) if you’re the chief medical officer of Peachtree Immediate Care in Atlanta, you just got it for free. James Yost, MD sat down with one of the hosts of 11 Alive’s atl&co recently to answer questions about cold weather- and holiday-related illness and injuries. He—and Peachtree Immediate Care—were identified prominently both in the introduction and on screen. The entire segment ran 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The promotional value of that is incalculable, but suffice to say that millions of potential patients could have been watching at that time. Then there’s the after effect of making sure area residents know one of your providers was asked to contribute because of their professionalism and expertise. Be aware that this is a need television programs (and radio shows, and newspapers and magazines, and…) have all the time. How many articles have you read about influenza since the season started, for example? Reach out to the news directors of your local television stations, or the health editors of local publications. Make sure they know they can call on you on short notice when they’re up against a deadline and need an expert to interview. You’ll be doing them, yourself, and your community a favor. In the meantime, watch Dr. Yost’s segment here.


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