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A pair of recently announced mergers may signal the advent of new trends in the urgent care marketplace. First, the joining of Xpress Wellness and Integrity Urgent Care, which puts 47 urgent care centers in rural Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas under a single corporate umbrella, reflects surging interest in providing services to residents outside of urban and suburban areas. At the same time, HCA is buying BetterMed and its 12 locations in central Virginia—further confirmation that companies with substantial hospital properties are acting on growing recognition that urgent care centers are viable locations for patient care but also platforms from which patients can be referred to hospital-based specialists. JUCM was ahead of the curve in recognizing the likelihood of each of these trends. Read Rural and Tertiary Markets: The Next Urgent Care Frontier; Making a Case for Hospital Urgent Care; and Thinking About Buying or Selling an Urgent Care Center? in our archive for further insights.

New Mergers Could Reflect an Emerging Trend in Urgent Care