It’s widely believed that the number of flu deaths is much higher than data would lead us to believe each year, due to the fact that cause of death is often attributed to complications from flu. One of the main culprits is community-acquired pneumonia. So, for the first time in more than 10 years, the Infectious Diseases Society of America has updated its guidelines on treating CAP. The take-home message is that adults who test positive for influenza and CAP should be treated within 48 hours with antivirals and appropriate antibiotics—the key word being appropriate, in consideration of the causative agent. First, choosing the right medication for the infection will increase the chance of a positive outcome. Beyond that, though, minimizing the number of antibiotics a patient takes before getting the intended result also minimizes the risk for antibiotic resistance. Urgent care as an industry has made antibiotic stewardship a priority. JUCM will host a free webinar on that topic on November 19 (2–3 pm, Eastern). For more information on the event, Antibiotic Stewardship in Urgent Care, visit the registration page.


New Guidelines Stress Appropriate Treatment for a Deadly Combination: Flu + CAP
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