JUCM News readers know overdose deaths have risen steadily over many years (every year since the 1970s with the exception of 2018, in fact). Even after many years of public health campaigns at the federal and state level, however, no progress has been made. In fact, mortalities jumped 15% from 2020 to 2021, and involved not only fentanyl but also methamphetamine according to new data from the National Center for Health Statistics. Both drugs are made in labs and are relatively inexpensive to obtain—and to manufacture. Some producers have taken up the practice of integrating fentanyl into other drugs, including heroin, meth, cocaine, and counterfeit versions of prescription medications used recreationally. The problem, beyond the obvious, is that the user may not know what they’re getting and unknowingly self-administer a lethal dose. JUCM looked at the opioid abuse epidemic from a uniquely urgent care perspective. You can read The Potential Role of Urgent Care in Addressing the Opiate Epidemic in our archive right now.

New Data Reveal the Scourge of Overdoses Is Worse, with Multiple Substances, than Thought