One of the more persistent baseless “warnings” about vaccination against the COVID-19 virus has been that getting the shot increases risk for (or even causes) myocarditis and other cardiological issues. JUCM Readers know that while early studies tended to contradict each other, ultimately the myocarditis myth has been busted. Now a new paper published by Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report reveals that patients are more likely to develop cardiac complications in general after SARS-CoV-2 than they are after vaccination against the virus. Boys 12 to 17 years of age were up to six times more likely to develop such a complication, while young men (18 to 29 years of age) were seven to eight times at greater risk after COVID-19 than after vaccination. However, the conclusions, based on data drawn from electronic health records at 40 healthcare systems within a large network, held for both males and females in all age groups.

New Data Continue to Debunk COVID Vaccine Mis- and Disinformation