Mainstream and healthcare media (including JUCM and JUCM News) have been warning for weeks that the United States could be teed up for a twindemic—simultaneous epidemic-level cases of both COVID-19 and influenza—this year. As it turns out, that could be a less-than-worst-case scenario this winter. A report published by The New York Times says it would be prudent to throw respiratory syncytial virus into the mix of things to worry about in the coming months; the triple-viral threat has been dubbed a tripledemic. The key red flag seems to be an earlier-than-usual jump in RSV cases compared with other years. And, while it’s too early to assess how severe flu season will be here, Australia—whose flu season is often a harbinger of our own—is just recovering from a rough one.

Never Mind the Twindemic—It’s the ‘Tripledemic’ We Need to Guard Against
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