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Suneel Dhand, MD has seen the future—and it does not include small desktop gizmos that you have to scroll, click or otherwise manipulate at the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Writing for the blog KevinMD, Dhand says the increasing popularity of devices with touchscreens (ie, smartphones and tablets), and even touch pads on laptop computers, could spell the demise of the traditional mouse. Why does a physician care? Here’s why: Dhand contends that the mouse is a drag on efficient data entry inherent in every patient encounter and even an obstacle to spending as much time with the patient as possible. And that’s especially relevant in the urgent care setting, where timely care is a core attribute. “Imagine the day when we can work with a smart device: patient—doctor—smart device in a triangle,” he concludes. “Good technology must enable doctors to do what they should be: spending more time with patients.” Click here to read the entire post.

Is Your Mouse Keeping You from Spending More Time with Patients?
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