More than half of Americans between 18 and 34 years of age say they don’t plan to get a flu shot this year, with cost being a key factor. Of the 2,080 adults surveyed by CityMD Urgent Care surveyed last month, 433 were “millennials”; only 48% of them said they plan to get a flu shot. Those who don’t plan to get one cited disbelief that the vaccination would keep them from getting the flu (49%), perceived high cost (25%), and a history of never having had the flu (23%). as the reason for their decision. Percentages of patients who do not plan to get a flu shot went down as the age of the patient went up: 49% of those aged 34–44 years said they would not get vaccinated, as did 48% of those 45–54 years and 38% of those aged 55–64 years. Cost became less of a factor with older patients, as well. The data underscore the importance of both patient education—which can be as simple as discussing flu facts with patients who present to your urgent care center—and targeted marketing of flu shot initiatives.

Millennials Have to Be Convinced Flu Shots Are More Important Than Lattes