This year marks a milestone for Millennials, as the oldest members of that generation (defined by Pew Research as anyone born between 1981 and 1996) turn 40-years-old. According to a CNBC report drawn from a Harris Poll, 44% of them already have at least one chronic health condition. While some are clearly beyond the scope of urgent care (eg, neurodevelopmental disorders and multiple sclerosis), others include high cholesterol, hypertension, migraine headaches, and other conditions for which an urgent care provider is perfectly capable of providing care. It’s likely you’ll be given the opportunity, too, as Millennials have in general been cool on the idea of maintaining primary care relationships in favor of walk-in care facilities like urgent care centers. JUCM has published multiple articles on various aspects of Millennials’ engagement with healthcare providers. A good introduction can be found in Five Steps For Winning Over Millennials In Urgent Care; read it now in our archive.

Millennials Are Entering Their 40s—and They’re Going to Need You More Than Ever