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Metro Urgent Care is set to launch a major expansion in Colorado, with plans to more than double its footprint by opening 25 new clinics in the Centennial State over the next 6 months. Currently, it has 20 locations there. While such aggressive plans speak to both the company’s past success and faith in the continued growth of the urgent care market, it’s interesting to note that it is choosing to promote its expansion as a boon to the local economy; the press release it issued carries the headline, Metro Urgent Care Expansion to Create Hundreds of Jobs Throughout Colorado. In the course of the release, it explains the attributes of urgent care (extended hours, short wait times, walk-in care, and the like), as well as a note or two about its own occupational medicine services, but playing up the fact that it will be fully staffing every location with local residents paints the company as an asset to local economies in addition to being a health resource for all. The next time you have a big move to announce to the press, make the most of your moment in the spotlight by considering the implications of whatever it is you’re doing for the people who will be reading your good news.

Metro Urgent Care Plays Up Workforce Angle in Announcing Expansion
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