New data suggest that efforts to educate patients on when it’s appropriate to go to an urgent care center vs the emergency room need to continue, if not increase. Basically, the survey from CityMD shows too many are not selecting the appropriate setting for immediate care. More than 2,000 Americans 18 and older were asked which setting would be most appropriate for immediate care in eight separate scenarios, from having a child with a 104⁰ temperature accompanied by coughing and shivering, to a deep laceration (among others). Respondents who incorrectly chose the ED for non–life-threatening complaints outnumbered those who correctly chose the urgent care center for the same scenarios. You can help close the knowledge gap (and promote your services) by making yourself and the clinical staff available for community outreach events and media interviews. Start by creating a “talking points” document so everyone is on the same page when it comes to explaining the spectrum of services that can be found in the urgent care center, and when it really is necessary for patients to head to the ED.

Many Patients Still Unsure if They Should Go to Urgent Care or the ED
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