Urgent care has received more than its fair share of criticism in light of healthcare-wide overprescribing of antibiotics. While much of that discussion reflects misperceptions about our industry, clearly all healthcare settings need to be held accountable for improving their decisions to ensure antibiotics are prescribed only when necessary. With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continuing to re-evaluate their data on just how many antibiotic-resistant infections occur (with too many proving to be deadly in the end), the time to take ownership of this issue is now. To that end, the Urgent Care Association is hosting a free webinar, Understanding Antibiotic Prescribing in Urgent Care, on Thursday, January 16 at 1 pm (Central). UCA found an ideal physician to lead the discussion in Joseph Toscano, MD. In addition to being a longtime JUCM contributor and Editorial Board member, Dr. Toscano is an attending emergency physician at San Ramon Regional Medical Center in San Ramon, CA; a founding board member of the College of Urgent Care Medicine and the Board of Certification in Urgent Care Medicine; and the clinical content advisor for UCA. For more information on this event and upcoming UCA webinars, click here. JUCM hosted a webinar on this topic recently, as well. You can view Strategies Towards Prudent Use of Antibiotics, hosted by internationally renowned expert Alike van der Velden, PhD, in our webinar archive.

Make 2020 the Year Urgent Care Becomes Known for Excellent Antibiotic Stewardship
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