As if recovery from economic hardships wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t challenging enough, a slew of new coding changes took effect January 1. If you’re having trouble keeping up with the right way to code every procedure—thereby assuring you’re doing what you can to be reimbursed fairly—you’re not alone. That’s why JUCM invited Christian Molstrom, MD to lead a two-part discussion of 2021 Coding Best Practices for Providers. For the second live webinar, Dr. Molstrom, medical director of Legacy-GoHealth Urgent Care, was joined by Phyllis Dobberstein, Experity’s manager of compliance and security, in a discussion focused on reducing document fatigue and unnecessary clinical documentation, as well as aligning provider documentation with clinical care. The speakers also took questions during a live Q&A session. To view these webinars (and all JUCM webinars), visit the webinar archive here.

JUCM Webinar: Fair Reimbursement Starts with Compliant Coding. Are You Getting What You Deserve?
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