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Last month we told you the day after Thanksgiving is the second busiest day of the year for urgent care centers—with December 26 being the busiest. Some of that volume is due to patients who assumed they either had to head to the emergency room or wait a day or more to get care. If your urgent care center is going to be open Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day, the time to let your communities know is now. Update your website or Facebook page accordingly, tweet your followers, and post signage where passersby can see it. FLH Medical in upstate New York sent press releases to local media, with the local newspaper publishing a blurb letting readers know when its locations would be open and closed between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. Notably, the release also included a description of the services its clinicians are able to provide and its main phone number.

Let Patients Know When You’re Available Over the Holidays
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