While children are not immune to infection from COVID-19, so far it appears they’re less susceptible than adults. One risk factor that seems to negate whatever protection youth might offer: e-cigarette use. An article just published in the Journal of Adolescent Health reveals that adolescents who have ever used e-cigarettes are five times more likely than nonusers to receive a COVID-19 diagnosis. Kids who acknowledge using e-cigarettes within the past 30 days at the time of the study were 6.8 times more likely than those who have never used. Adolescents who have ever used e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes were at greatest risk—seven times more likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19 than nonusers. The data were drawn from responses of 4,351 adolescents to an online survey in every state, the District of Columbia, and three union territories.

Kids Do Seem Less Susceptible to COVID-19—Unless They Smoke E-Cigarettes
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