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Western Connecticut Medical Group (WCMG) and American Family Care (AFC) have entered into a collaborative partnership to provide coordinated patient care—or, put more plainly, to increase the odds of retaining patients who visit AFC’s urgent care locations within a defined follow-up path. The two companies have structured their arrangement so AFC patients who need follow-up will have improved access to primary and specialty care practices within WCMG. Traffic will be two-way, too; WCMG patients who need nonemergent treatment during hours when WCMG’s offices are not open will be referred to AFC’s urgent care clinics. AFC will then send follow-up information back to the patient’s WCMG physician to optimize care coordination. AFC has said it recognizes that nearly half its patients don’t have a primary care doc, and hopes its newly formal relationship with WCMG will help those patients connect with one.

Keeping Patients ‘In-House’ by Forging New Partnerships
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