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It took a relatively long time for urgent care centers to get their fair share of COVID-19 testing supplies and vaccines. Once they did, they became an essential contributor to fighting the pandemic. At least one urgent care operator found out the hard way just how easy it is to be thrown back into those dark days—and they’ve only got themselves to blame. The operator, which will remain nameless, found its test kits dwindling and no resupplies in sight. When said operator started scrambling to get some ASAP, it came to light that their main supplier had cut them off because their account was in arrears. In all fairness, some other urgent care operators have reported rapid test supply problems with more than one manufacturer for no apparent reason. Some of them have tried to meet that challenge by sending out to LabCorp and Quest. Others have discovered that Roche is willing to bypass distributors and sell directly to urgent care practices.

Keep Your Billing Practices in Order, or Your Patients (and Your Business) Could Face the Consequences