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Most of your urgent care patients—and prospective patients—would never even think of visiting your location unless they really need to see a clinician today and they can’t get in to see their primary care provider. Seasonal promotions can be a great way to change that, though, giving you an opportunity to introduce them to your services at a time they’re not feeling their worst. American Family Care (AFC) is doing just that by offering a complementary “Man Up Checkup” on Father’s Day. Developed by AFC specifically for men, it includes the Epworth Sleep Scale and measurements for pulse, oxygen saturation levels, temperature, blood pressure, body mass index, hemoglobin A1c, and a lipid panel. The effort shows that AFC knows its audience; according to the Cleveland Clinic, 60% of American men don’t go for an annual physical, and most admit they would prefer to talk about sports or their jobs than their own health. Their family’s well-being and financial security are also higher priorities. What tie-ins might you be able to make for Independence Day, Labor Day, and back-to-school season?

Keep an Eye on the Calendar for Cues to Offer Seasonal Promotions
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