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On February 5, 2024, the Bouncebacks! book club will talk through a new case from the book “Bouncebacks! Critical Care” (published in 2021) from 8PM to 9PM (Eastern) in a virtual meeting room. Fellow clinicians can join in the discussion of a case of a 52-year-old man with alcohol use disorder and chest pain. All the related information will be presented, and ownership of the book is not required to participate. Panelists include Heath Jolliff, Whitney Johnson, Mike Winters, and Editor in Chief of The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine Josh Russell. The event is moderated by Michael Weinstock, Senior Clinical Editor of The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine. Walk in the footsteps of the physician on the return visit and explore multiple decision points with a literature-based discussion of excellence in care. Clinicians will be offered 1 hour of free Continuing Medical Education.

Here’s how to register: The Bouncebacks! Book Club is open to faculty, residents, students, and any healthcare professional interested in discussing the cases, and the event offers free registration here:

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Join the Bouncebacks! Book Club to Discuss a Critical Case
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