Urgent care operators have suffered great economic hardship as many patients have ignored the need for same-day care because they were afraid of venturing out to a healthcare facility. The consequences of such decisions are even more perilous for the patient, of course. Some people may still be hesitant, so it’s time to be proactive in reminding them that you’re available to provide immediate, high-quality, safe care. Lifespan Urgent Care in Warwick, RI took that message to the Warwick Beacon, a local newspaper recently. The article quoted Medical Director Olivier Gherardi, DO as saying that Lifespan had resumed its regular operating hours, and emphasized that patients can feel secure in knowing that “disinfection has been enhanced and practices modified to prevent the spread of coronavirus.” Weekly (and even some daily) community newspapers are quick to accept suggestions for articles, especially on high-interest topics like COVID-19. Consider crafting a press release that highlights your capability to treat patients in a safe environment, specifying the steps you’re taking to maintain proper hygiene and limit exposure of parents and your team to the virus. Be sure to include your address, operating hours, phone number, website, and social media. It would also be wise to offer the name of a manager or clinician who can serve as a spokesperson for the media to contact for more information.

It’s Time to ‘Invite’ Patients Back to Your Urgent Care Center—for Their Health and Your Economic Survival
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