As summer winds down, local chambers of commerce are trying to squeeze in end-of-season festivals dedicated to every type of food, music, and ethnic group imaginable. It’s prime time for major national events like the just-concluded Sturgis (SD) Motorcycle Rally, too. In the latter case, area healthcare facilities have learned they need extra staff on hand to treat bikers and onlookers who flood the town ever year; last year, local healthcare facilities saw 610 rally-related patients. Even if there’s not an event on that scale in your community, you need to be prepared. Staff is just one consideration, though. Do organizers know the breadth of the services you offer—that you can stitch up lacerations if someone slashes their hand with a wine opener, or take x-rays and apply a cast if a clogger teeters off the stage and breaks his ankle? Look at your community calendar and get in touch with the people running the show. Ask what kind of mishaps may have taken place in years past, then make sure you have the personnel and supplies necessary to be the go-to provider of choice. You might even offer to have an on-site first aid tent, providing an opportunity for area residents to see your name and pick up a brochure.

It’s Festival Season—Are You Ready to Treat the Revelers?
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