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As the latest Omicron variants continue to spread throughout various sections of the United States, leading to a new surge in COVID-19 cases, it’s important to keep in mind that many patients are still dealing with becoming infected months ago. A special panel convened by the American College of Physicians has issued a guidance specifically on the care of long COVID patients, with the caveat that a proper definition of “long COVID” continues to be elusive. However, common presentations such as fatigue and cognitive concerns (eg, memory loss, concentration difficulties, “fogginess”) have emerged. Also significant is the idea that patients presenting with such symptoms may not even be aware they had COVID-19 to begin with. As such, consider testing all patients who present with signs concerning for long COVID even if they deny previous infection. And, of course, offer to vaccinate those who are not up to date, including being fully boosted.

In the Midst of Another COVID Surge, Some Patients Are Still Struggling After the Last One