In spite of major public information campaigns on the safety and lifesaving capability of the COVID-19 vaccines, only around half of American are fully vaccinated (meaning they’ve received the full complement of a one- or two-dose vaccine and a booster shot). And only 80% have gotten their standard doses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, however, getting at least some more patients to comply with vaccination guidelines may take something quite simple: tell them you think it’s a good idea. A CDC telephone survey of more than 340,000 adults in the United States show that 78% of those advised by a clinician to get vaccinated got at least one shot. Conversely, only around 38% of those surveyed who did not receive such a recommendation got vaccinated. You know patients have at least a little trust in you by virtue of the fact that they’ve come to you for care. Capitalize on that trust by encouraging them to do the right thing to protect themselves and others, especially now that many states are looking at rescinding mask mandates.

If You Think Patients Should Be Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, You Have to Tell Them
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