MedExpress’s decision to close down its 7-year-old urgent care center in Haverhill, MA last month didn’t sit well with Mayor James Fiorentini. Obviously, no civic-minded public official wants to see a successful business vacate the community, for economic reasons alone. But hizzoner has been very public in decrying the void the departure leaves in the town’s healthcare resources. According to an article published in the local newspaper Eagle Tribune, Fiorentini is “looking to recruit another urgent care provider willing to come to Haverhill.” In particular, he noted that having an urgent care within the town limits helped reduce the burden on the local hospital while also serving as a community resource. An eager municipality could be the perfect match for an urgent care operator who’s ready to expand. Given that the recently departed center had been seeing between 60 and 80 patients per day, it seems like there would be ample volume, too. The current issue of JUCM includes an article with tips on making a sound location choice. Read Find Prime Locations for Rapid Urgent Care Growth here.

How Valuable Is Urgent Care? Ask the Small-Town Mayor Aching for One in His Community