The federal government shutdown could cause both minor inconveniences and major problems for urgent care operations, depending on how long it drags on. It’s unclear how well the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will be running if workers are off the job for a while, for example. And urgent care operators who provide occupational medicine services to government customers could see diminished business. Some urgent care centers might also end up benefiting from the shutdown, however, depending on their location and payment policies. Consider that medical clinics funded by the Indian Health Service may have to scale down or cease providing services with no government funding coming through, meaning that Native Americans who would typically seek care at those clinics will need to find new resources, at least in the short term. Urgent care centers would be one likely candidate to fill the gaps, especially for patients who will be paying cash for the time being. If you have facilities near tribal lands or in an area with a high Native American population, reach out to those communities and make sure they know your locations, hours of operation, and the services you can provide on a walk-in basis.

How the Government Shutdown Could Affect Some Urgent Care Centers
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