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There are some holidays during which revelry is more likely to lead to a trip to the urgent care center or emergency room than others. You probably don’t need to prep your team for a flood of patients on Arbor Day, but Independence Day is another matter. Backyard barbecues where the beer is flowing and inattentive chefs are manning the grill, amateur firework displays, and too many hours baking in the sun can leave many citizens in need of immediate care. If you’re going to be open for business on the Fourth of July, your team may needs to be reminded that they may see more burn wounds than usual, for example. And whether you’re going to be open or not, make sure prospective patients know your status. Update your website and social media accordingly so patients know they can either come to you for help, or that they need to go elsewhere. If you’re part of a multilocation operation, note which of your sister locations are open or closed.

Hot Sun, Parties, Fireworks…What Could Possibly Go Wrong on July 4 (and Are You Ready for It)?