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Whether due to a scarcity of candidates or hoops those candidates and their prospective employers have to jump through in order to meet state regulations, it takes a long time to bring a new healthcare provider on board. In fact, according to an article newly published by Becker’s Hospital Review, only employers in consulting, finance, and engineering have to look longer than the 59.5 days (median) it takes to hire a new provider. Bringing a new manager on board is only marginally faster (57.7 days, median). And if you need a new human resources professional, you can expect to make a hire within 50 days. Locking into an efficient process and knowing what you’re looking for will surely help. To that end, read How to Hire Your Next Urgent Care Manager in the JUCM archive. On the flip side, retaining your valuable team members could help you avoid that process altogether. For more on that, read Becoming the Employer of Choice for the Emerging Urgent Care Workforce.

Hiring a New Provider or Urgent Care Manager? You’re Going to Need a Lot of Patience