As many parts of the country approach caseloads and transmission rates similar to what they faced at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, some urgent care centers are likewise returning to emergency procedures they established to help reduce risk for infection of patients and staff. Cook Children’s Hospital in the Dallas–Fort Worth area, for one, is closing many of its centers earlier than usual, funneling late-night patients to a single location. They’re also keeping patients who only want a COVID-19 test (without seeing a physician) separate from those who want to see a doctor or advanced-practice provider for complaints unrelated to COVID-19. If transmission rates in your area warrant it, consider what solutions you could pursue to lower the chance of your facility becoming a high-risk setting—and ensure your website, social media, and signage make any changes clear to patients.

Here We Go Again: Urgent Care Centers Are Changing Operational Procedures As COVID-19 Cases Mount