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Last summer was the hottest on record in the United States, accompanied by an increase in heat-related health issues. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that during the warm months of 2023 (May through September), heat-related health issues contributed to a significantly larger proportion of emergency department (ED) visits when compared to the previous 5 years. Specifically, there were 119,605 heat-related ED visits in 2023, with 92% occurring between May and September. This represents a 20% increase compared to previous years. There were 180 heat-related illness ED visits for every 100,000 total visits in 2023, up from 151 per 100,000 visits during 2018-2022. July and August included more than 300 heat-related emergencies per 100,000 total ED visits, marking a nearly 50% rise compared to the previous years.

Keep an eye on the kids: CDC notes that although the lowest number of ED visit rates for heat-related issues occurred among children, previous studies suggest that children can be affected by heat exposure at rates similar to those among adults in warmer areas of the country.

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Heat Sent More People to the ED Last Summer
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