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A new Harris Poll found that 88% of patients are “satisfied” with their last visit to the doctor, with 53% saying they are “very satisfied.” Digging deeper, though, you find data that can make or break that perception. A provider’s knowledge, training, and expertise were the most important attributes, but more than half of respondents also said the doctor’s ability to access their medical history, time spent with the doctor, and good communication matter significantly. Just under half (49%) said ease of making an appointment—clearly a “win” for urgent care—efficient billing processes, and the ability to communicate with the doctor beyond the appointment either by phone or e-mail mattered. Another often-cited advantage of urgent care—the amount of time spent waiting compared with other settings—was mentioned by 43% of patients as a key factor in a positive experience. 

Harris Poll is Good News for Docs, Great Intel for Urgent Care
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