COVID-19 has taken up a disproportionate amount of time in the context of what we consider “typical” urgent care presentation. Now that we’re moving steadily (if slowly) to what used to be normal, you can expect patients to present more often with concerns for minor illness and injuries from sprains to lacerations. The latter, in particular, requires a certain level of skill and familiarity to optimize the chance for positive outcomes. JUCM will host a free webinar on the subject of Managing Patient Lacerations, led by Patrick O’Malley, MD on Thursday, September 29 at 2 pm, Eastern. Dr. O’Malley will spend the hour addressing some of the challenges providers face in managing lacerations, such as why turning away patients who need laceration repair is bad for business, low confidence with suturing, and other essential topics before answering your questions live at the end of the broadcast. You can register for the webinar, which is sponsored by Experity, here.

Free Webinar: Prepare for More ‘Typical’ Urgent Care Presentations—Including Lacerations