“Everybody makes mistakes” couldn’t be more trite when you’re talking about the practice of medicine. And in urgent care medicine, where the provider could be faced with anything from an ingrown toenail to a life-threatening MI that really should be in the emergency room, the margin of error is razor thin. Missed diagnoses are especially foreboding, in terms of both the patient’s health and your legal risk. Some are more common than others and, therefore, easier to prepare for and avoid. In the next free JUCM webinar, Top 10 Missed X-Ray Diagnoses in Urgent Care, David Cohen, MD and Michael Weinstock, MD will offer real-world, imaging-supported lessons to help you get the diagnosis right the first time—thus avoiding missed diagnoses and bounceback cases. Dr. Cohen is the founder and president of Teleradiology Specialists. Dr. Weinstock is director of medical education and research at Adena Health System, an adjunct professor of emergency medicine at The Ohio State University, and associate editor, clinical content, for JUCM. He is also the author or co-author of several books on bouncebacks in various settings. For more information or to register for this free webinar, scheduled to take place 2 to 3 pm, Eastern on Wednesday, October 9 click here.

Free JUCM Webinar: Avoiding Common, Costly, and High-Risk Missed Diagnoses
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