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Tis the season for getting back to the outdoors and all its beauty—as well as its dangers. One of them, as we told you recently, is the boom in the tick population this year. Recognizing that, PhysicianOne Urgent Care offered to provide patients in Massachusetts and Westchester County, NY with free tick removers over a 4-day period last week. In promoting its campaign, PhysicianOne offered tips on avoiding tick bites altogether and explained the range of disease that humans can contract from ticks, including Lyme disease. The company also encouraged anyone concerned they may have been bitten by a tick to visit their nearest PhysicianOne location, while listing the towns in which they’re located and the daily hours of operation. The initiative scored high on several levels: It gave patients an incentive to visit a PhysicianOne facility even if they’re not sick or injured; conveyed that the company cares about the public’s wellbeing by providing education and a token gift that could help keep them safe; and likely introduced the idea of visiting PhysicianOne to some patients who have never done so before.

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