The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing public health officials, hospital administrators, the general public, and certainly healthcare providers to limits unseen in this lifetime. As always, though, it’s essential to correctly code for services provided in order to ensure urgent care centers are paid for the care they provide. Fail to do that, especially in the midst of economic chaos, and your business will suffer. Experity will host a webinar designed to help you on Thursday, April 9 at noon, Central time. In COVID-19 Urgent Care Tips: How to Properly Code the Outbreak, speakers Monte Sandler and Phyllis Dobberstein of Experity will ensure you have the information necessary to code a visit related to COVID-19, including the latest diagnosis codes; explain guidelines for laboratory testing; and provide access to Experity’s monthly billing-focused publication. For more information or to register, click here.

Free Experity Webinar: Are You Coding Optimally for COVID-19 Services?
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