Every year, there are some parties decrying that flu season is going to be devastating; usually the dire predictions don’t come to fruition. This year that’s not the case, however, and the recent holiday weekend helped compound an already serious influenza season. As noted in an article published by Medpage Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says flu-related hospitalizations have nearly doubled since Thanksgiving, to the point that they’re higher than they’ve been in a decade. Going back to the beginning of October, there have been 8.7 million cases of flu, with 4,500 deaths. Incorporating pneumonia and COVID-19 deaths along with the flu data nets a mortality rate of 9.7%, according to the CDC. This all means urgent care centers are going to shoulder a heavy burden as winter approaches. Is your team up to speed on the current best practices for flu? Read Treating Patients Infected with Influenza Virus in the Urgent Care Setting in the JUCM archive to see.

Flu Season Is Living Up to the Hype. Is Your Team Ready for a Long Slog?
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