If you offer occupational medicine services, it’s likely a heavily promoted flu clinic is an annual event. (And if not, why not?) Some providers and companies are taking that a step further by offering free flu shots to employees’ family members, as well. The benefit is multifold: Employees see this as proof that their employer cares about them; you get to introduce yourself and your services to more prospective patients; and the entire practice promotes both herd immunity and overall wellness. Another plus: It can reduce absenteeism among healthy employees who would have to miss work to stay home with children who have the flu. It’s an emerging trend you might want to broach to your occ med clients. On the other side of the coin, be aware that your own employees are at higher risk than most people for influenza infection at this time of year. They’re exposed to potential flu infection all day, every workday, for months. It’s an unavoidable risk, but does that mean you’re not accountable for it? The answer is more complicated than you might think. That’s why it’s addressed in the October issue of JUCM, in an article entitled Employer Liability for Flu Infection. Read it now to ensure sure you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Flu Season Carries Potential Benefits—and Risks—for Occupational Medicine Providers
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