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For most physicians, medicine is a calling, but for Roger Hicks, MD, FCUCM, and his daughter Marya Hicks, MD, medicine is also a team effort. As it turns out, both Roger and Marya care for patients at the same urgent care center. Patients arriving at the Dignity Health Medical Group Urgent Care of Sierra Nevada in Grass Valley, California, might not realize their care is delivered by a father-daughter duo. In a recent live interview on local news station KCRA, Roger spoke of his experiences in South America and his desire to help people as the main inspiration for him to become a physician. Marya described a time when she was in the Grand Canyon and saw a visitor who was injured. She realized then that the skills of her physician father would have been immediately helpful in the situation. That realization inspired her to go to medical school.

How they work together: In the interview, Roger noted how he can enhance Marya’s clinical expertise by sharing his experience, while she has more recent medical school training that Roger can draw from. “It’s become a mutual give and take,” Roger said. Read an insightful Perspectives article from the JUCM archive by Roger Hicks, MD, FCUCM, the Medical Director of Dignity Health’s Sierra Nevada Urgent Care Clinic, and a member of the College of Urgent Care Medicine’s Board of Directors: It’s Time For Us To Get Involved

Father and Daughter Work Together in Urgent Care