JUCM readers know urgent care is a frequent destination for patients who’ve experienced a blow to the head that could have caused mild traumatic brain injury—with children being brought in by parents of particular concern. The operators of Westex Urgent Care in Texas not only recognized that, as well, but have mobilized their resources to get on the prevention side. Westex recently took part in a Texas Medical Association initiative to provide bicycle helmets, free of charge, to any child who visited a participating provider. The benefits are many, for the community and the business. Most obviously, it provides protection for children who might otherwise go without. However, as any parent knows, children may be more apt to listen to authority figures who are not their parents when it comes to lessons about why helmets are necessary—especially those who can explain the risks of going without from experience, such as an urgent care clinician. The program has probably also introduced families who never would have visited (or possibly even known about) Westex to a new, convenient, supportive group of healthcare providers they can count on in the future.

Establishing a Need—and Helping to Fulfill It—Can Bring New Patients Your Way
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