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Many urgent care centers are well prepared to administer travel-related vaccines for tourists bound for the Olympics or ready to set sail on a cruise. What about closer to home, though? With school out and vacationing in, would the first aid center at the water park and the manager of that motel off the interstate think of your urgent care center when they need to refer a guest who needs immediate care? You should 1) make sure area tourism sites, travel destinations, and hoteliers know you’re there, what your hours are, and the range of services you offer and 2) be prepared for the complaints most common among travelers. These could include allergic reactions to local plants, insect bites and stings, or seafood vacationers might not typically be inclined to eat, along with severe sunburn or sun stroke and typical conditions like lacerations and orthopedic injuries. And if your center is part of a chain, consider displaying the locations of other sites so local residents know they can visit a clinic with a familiar name if they’re far from home.

Encourage a Seasonal Surge by Courting Vacationers
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