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A new study by Safe Kids Worldwide reveals more than 400,000 children are injured in bike, scooter, skateboard, and roller blade accidents every year. Now that wheels of every variety are coming out of the garage for the first time in months, there’s an opportunity to stress your urgent care center’s vital role in community health and safety—before and after injuries occur. First, ask patients if they’re planning to make good on promises to get more fit this year. If their plans involve getting back on a bicycle, recommend they always wear helmets (especially children) and other protective gear. You may even want to partner with a local bike shop or police to promote bike safety or hold a safety event at your location. While the bicycle pros do safety checks on bicycles and helmets, prospective patients are getting comfortable in your location and recognizing the breadth of your services.

Dusty Bikes and Rusty Riders Make for a Spike in Injured Cyclists
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