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The Duke Urgent Care Hillsborough clinic in Hillsborough, North Carolina, treats about 110 patients per day. And every one of them likely notices that the staff and clinicians have adopted the hard-working honeybee as the center’s official mascot. As part of an employee experience program, workers chose the mascot and decorated the space with bee-themed wall art, signs and plush animals. Many staff wear bee icons on their name tags as well. “We liked what the honeybee signifies, they’re really strong, they’re intellectual, and they’re community-oriented,” Health Center Administrator Katelyn Thomas said in a news item on Duke Today.

Enhance the experience to attract workers to your hive: In the highly competitive labor market, creative programs that enhance employee experience and build teamwork can be excellent differentiators for job candidates, especially when the program allows the staff to make decisions. Read more about behavior change from the JUCM archive: Leadership Must Guide Behavior Change For The Next Phase In Urgent Care

Duke UC Staff Adopt Honeybee Mascot